Top 3 Apps for Entrepreneurs

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According to Forrester research, a billion people will own smartphones by 2016. An increasingly smartphone friendly world is perfect for entrepreneurs craving time away from the office. No longer tethered to desks or even wi-fi, our mobile world opens new doors for productivity on the run.

So which apps are virtual wonders and which are wastes?

Here’s a breakdown of today’s best apps for business that are guaranteed to save time, keep you connected, and lessen your operational headaches. Happy downloading!

Turning Data Into Art

top analytics app for websites
To keep an eagle’s eye view of your data while you’re storming the castle, click on over to Analytiks App. Recently updated, this app is a top-rated favorite for good reason.  The data presented is not just clear and accurate, it’s visually pleasing. The app can provide data for up to 5 websites and serves up the findings via infographics and graphs. Data can then be shared easily via Twitter or email for team collaboration. Kudos to Analytiks for transforming otherwise boring data into crisp works of art that beg to be seen.

Online Shopping Organizer

Slice App fro business
How much time have you wasted searching for tracking info for that package you think you ordered two weeks ago? Exactly. Entrepreneurs make plenty of purchases and they’re often on the fly. We seldom have time to follow-up on shipments until it’s late and we’re scrambling. Solve that dilemma with the Slice App. Slice will automatically scan your gmail and Yahoo! mail accounts to track and organize your online spending for easy access to purchase history, monitor expiration dates, and provides a single delivery map without the cut/paste tracking number hassle.

Your New Best Friend

evernote for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are notorious for having “shiny object” syndrome for good reason- squirrel! The blessing and curse is that we are constantly inspired. So how do you collect AND organize all that inspiration that’s bouncing around? You download Evernote. This workhorse of an app allows to to collect anything you see, do, hear, say and then allows you to carefully organize with tags, text notes, or keyword search. That information is then available on your computer, phone, and mobile device seamlessly. There’s also a thriving community of users that can give you plenty of tips and tutorials for getting the most out of your app experience.

Which app would you add to the list? Chime in below! Want more tips for small business? Click on over to Heather’s small business coaching page and join our NaptimeCEO community.

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