Skype is a great tool to create work from home business success

After getting scolded (lightly) by the subject of my blog from yesterday – (yes, Craig Newmark was the first to comment on my questioning of what’s so special about craigslist … ouch!), let’s focus on something positive today.

Have you discovered Skype yet? It’s basically an internet phone service that allows you to talk to other Skype users for free and to regular phone lines for a small fee. While still relatively new to the market, this type of tool is already spawning new companies with even broader capabilities. Today’s article on ‘Skype For Business’ by Quentin Hardy (I love him on the FoxNews Saturday morning program ‘Forbes On Fox’) talks about just such a company, Tello, and it sounds like their product offering is a great tool for the success of a home based business.

Taking advantage of this kind of communication technology is critical to stay ahead of the competition and especially for home based businesses looking for efficiency and cost saving strategies that impact your bottom line.

If you’re looking for work from home business success then Skype is a tool you should really check out.

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