Speaking your Message with Passion

“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” – Thomas Alva Edison

A quote so famous that many people greatly ponder about. Like all others, I tend to read motivational speaking articles that seem to be so engaging and inspiring that I am moved. But without action and movement, there is just a dead message or even worse – just a memorable message. When speaking to employee’s, investors, or potential customers its important to  become a powerful motivational speaker; you have to work to be inspirational and influential.

Motivational speaking requires a lot of personal skills; public speaking, good voice, engaging presentations and adequate experience. Still, there is a secret behind all that talking and motivational speaking. Truthfully, anyone with a good, persuasive voice and remarkable achievements can be inspiring. They can stand on stage, speak about their experiences and they may ignite a spark of inspiration somewhere in our hearts.

However, motivational speaking is a step up to the words and ignition in inspirational speeches. You’re not just inspiring people’s hearts and moving them to tears and making them nod their heads. Motivational speaking not only enkindles a spark of inspiration, but flares an action with every spark. You’re not only inspiring people, you’re pushing them to take actions.

There isn’t magic in being a motivational speaker. Trust me, there’s no abracadabra in motivational speaking – nor is there some kind of secret ingredient put into the drinks of the audience.

Instead, the secret ingredient is you – the speaker. You’re not just there to deliver a speech, look like a thousand bucks and brush your hair.

As the person doing the motivational speaking, you must become the medium of inspiration – come onto the stage, prepared with a speech that you’re inspired to give. Be inspired to create an effect on other people – use your own weaknesses to make the audience realize theirs and use your strengths to trigger their own actions. Once you’re inspired to motivate others, learn to do it with passion.

Passion in motivational speaking is highly required. You can’t just give a speech and feel inspired. You have to make the words yours; take in the effects of your words and treat motivational speaking as life and not just paid work. Be passionate with every speech you make and everyone will appreciate the effort of your hard work. Only then, can you officially be more than inspirational.

Of course, passion and inspiration isn’t the only requirements to be motivational. You also have to be determined to be motivational by hard work, continuous learning and constant self-development.

If you can become motivational, inspiring, and passionate in your speaking you close more sales, raise more money, and your employees will be more productive.

Chris Rugh is founder and CEO  of Custom Toll free which host the largest selection of vanity toll free numbers on the web and an avid blogger with attitude

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