Startups changing the world

New Ideas and Big Impacts: Startups Changing the World

As the saying goes, big things come in small packages. This is especially true for startup companies. These budding businesses sometimes revolutionize their industries, all with forward thinking and big ideas. Some of the most impressive new companies made waves recently, and with their innovation, it’s easy to see why these are the startups changing the world.


By 2050, the global population will reach 9.7 billion, according to the U.N. As early as 2037, the world could run out of phosphorous, an essential fertilizer macronutrient that helps crops grow. To prevent this, we must reduce our phosphorous use in the next 20 to 40 years, or we could begin to starve. We must uncover or discover technologies that will help feed our growing population with the limited resources available.

Aqua-Yield introduced the “smallest innovation in agricultural history,” providing an answer to feeding our growing population. The company’s technologies deliver materials directly to the plant’s cells, resulting in a much higher overall efficiency. Aqua-Yield’s process introduces liquid nanotechnology to agriculture, which leads to significant advantages for the grower. Results of the company’s unique technologies include higher yields, lower costs, shorter crop cycles, less environmental impact, and an increase in nutrient impact.

Since 2014, Aqua-Yield has saved farmers millions of dollars in fertilizer. In addition to these financial savings, the environmental impact is huge. Growers can experience a decrease of 80 percent in use of plant nutrition materials. To top that off, growers also see a 30 percent increase in crop yields.

While the innovative process makes use of the smallest scale, there is no doubt about its substantial impact on farming. Aqua-Yield is changing the agricultural world with its disruptive technology that can benefit us all.

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Beyond Meat

Modern day meat agriculture is more efficient than ever. However, it still takes a toll on the environment in the form of land damage, greenhouse gases and water pollution. Vast amounts of water and electricity are required to fill the demand in the country, not to mention the animal welfare issues caused by traditional farming, such as overcrowding and poor conditions. Plant-based meat alternatives also contribute to the health and well-being of consumers by using all-natural high-quality ingredients without harmful additives and preservatives.

Beyond Meat has done the impossible by engineering plant-based meat. Whereas previous products were vegetable-based imitations, Beyond Meat offers the same levels of healthy protein and power – minus the animals. These burgers are a far cry from tofu options, offering a texture and taste like fresh ground beef.

The company offers several mouth-watering varieties, including burger patties, Beyond Beef Crumbles, and Beyond Chicken Strips. Many Walmart, Target, Kroger, Safeway, Publix and Sprouts locations already stock these innovative meal options, and the demand is growing fast.

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Cylance is changing the game when it comes to antivirus software. This company takes advantage of artificial intelligence to create the first proactive software protection plan. In the past, programmers identified viruses and then they wrote a code to disarm the threat. With Cylance, however, the need for programmers in the battle against computer viruses is all but eliminated.

Cylance’s programs learn to recognize and conquer viruses on the go without interference from programmers. When Cylance detects a virus, the software reacts instantly, greatly reducing the chance of losing important files or having personal information compromised. With this threat-sensing technology, computer security will never be the same.


This device is the world’s first robotic interior designer. You place the tool in the center of a room, where it then swivels around to scan the space. Innovative software powers SnapKin, allowing it to take highly accurate 3-D measurements of any space.

Once it compiles the information, SnapKin generates a digital floor plan of the space, complete with highly accurate dimensions. It gathers the data in a matter of seconds and converts it into a cloud model Revit, DWG, or IFC that is compatible with most software. This architectural revolution saves homeowners the trouble of measuring individual walls, moving furniture, etc., and helps optimize time for architects and building professionals.

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Oculus and VR

The Pokémon GO epidemic of 2016 proved one thing: The world gets very excited for virtual and augmented reality. Oculus Rift, to many people, is the inspiration behind the mobile game. This virtual reality headset was the first of its kind and has sold numerous units since its initial release. Each year, more and more companies release software compatible with the Rift, meaning we’ll see more virtual reality opportunities in the future.

From earth-friendly businesses to technologically innovative designs, the future is now, and it looks brighter than ever. It’s time to take notice of these creative, innovative startups and what they can accomplish.

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