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Top 10 Help Desk Software Programs for Small Businesses

A help desk software suite lays the foundation for customer support. It enables desk support agents to communicate with customers by responding, receiving and processing service requests. The top 10 help desk software that can be helpful for small business and enterprise are as follows:

  1. ProProfs
    ProProfs provides an online knowledge-base software. Small businesses and enterprises can easily create online help content very easily with the help of branding features incorporated in the software. Users are also provided with customizable options with the CSS and HTML tags.
  1. Zoho Support
    Zoho support provides well-established customer support. Users are able to receive, manage, prioritize and close requests that are reaching towards your organization through different channels. You can even build your own knowledge base and publish it. You can keep a check on the progress of your customer support team and improve its performance. The software is light, based completely on the web and assures you the best customer support for your customers.
  1. Kaseya VSA
    Kaseya VSA is a platform that helps you manage your IT systems. The single platform brings together key management capabilities and makes your IT staff more productive, can secure your systems more, ensure that your services are reliable and makes your value easily visible. The capabilities of VSA include remote control, monitoring, process automation, remote monitoring, patch management, Av/Am and many more.
  1. LiveChat
    This is a Live Chat and help desk software. The support team is converted into customer service providers. Customers feel satisfied when their queries are resolved quickly. LiveChat ensures great customer service that wins the hearts and confidence of your customers.
  1. CAFM Explorer
    CAFM Explorer adheres to your help desk problems of both planned and reactive maintenance by offering you a very easy, reliable and efficient Help Desk Application. You get on-screen notifications, search function and filters and additional features that can further simplify the help desk by providing end users with a simpler call logging process. CAFM Explorer is available in all three versions, including desktop, web and mobile.
  1. iSupport
    Millions of help desk professional use iSupport daily for catering to the most challenging support issues. Incident Management and Service Desk are the two editions of iSupport software that come with a perfect blend of flexibility and power so that you can meet the ever-changing requirements of your company. Through iSupport, you can manage workflows, incidents, knowledge, problems, assets, changes and much more.
  1. LiveAgent
    Whether you run a small business or a well-established enterprise, this help desk application can be beneficial for your business. LiveAgent was regarded as the third largest manufacturer of 2015, and that is why LiveAgent became an attractive choice for business owners. For instance, Huawei uses LiveAgent for customer support. There are more than 170 features in this application such as voice, chat and social media. All of these features are integrated and easily accessible.
  1. Rosmiman IWMS
    Rosmimam IWMS is a real estate and facility management software that can manage and control the lifecycle of all facilities and can manage the entire real estate. Rosmimam IWMS can control and manage the maintenance plan of your real estate, financial systems, integration with BIM, GIS and CAD and some mobile solutions. All of the requirements of the real estate portfolio management and maintenance can be covered easily with the asset management software suite offered by Rosmimam IWMS. It can be useful for any business whether large or small.
  1. Smart Service Desk ITSM
    This help desk software provides you with built-in IT service management, risk and governance management and affordable help desk solutions. Whatever business you own, it will be up and running within a few days with Smart Service Desk.
  1. Zendesk
    Zendesk is the leading cloud-based help desk software used by above 40,000 companies. The companies can raise their productivity in an affordable manner by using Zendesk.
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