Who’d have thunk he’d write back?

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Who knows what was going through Joey Hawilo’s mind when he sent an email to Mark Cuban?

Joey is on the board of the Entrepreneur’s club here at U of M. They’re planning a conference for the spring, and are looking for keynotes.

In a move that could be described as either bold or naive, Joey sent an email straight to famed entrepreneur Mark Cuban. Mark founded broadcast.com, selling it to Yahoo! for megabucks, and now, amongst other interests, owns the Dallas Mavericks.

Joey did his homework, and found that the Mavs were playing the Pistons here in Detroit on March 28. He suggested to Mark that they host their conference on or around that date.

Wonder of wonders, Mark wrote back. He didn’t commit, but it’s a start. I’ve had similar such experiences, and Joey’s gumption reminded me that there’s no harm in trying to reach out and work with the best.

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