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Sending Your Emails: Is there a Better Way?

How Are You Sending Your Emails? These days, new products out there for marketers claim to increase inbox placement by x% or increase traffic by some percentage. More often than not, the methods for achieving...
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How to Compete with the Big Guys

In talking with a group of start ups recently, I got into the discussion of how small businesses can compete against larger companies that have a great deal of process and marketing power behind them....
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Who’d have thunk he’d write back?

Who knows what was going through Joey Hawilo's mind when he sent an email to Mark Cuban? Joey is on the board of the Entrepreneur's club here at U of M. They're planning a conference...
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Is Your e-mail Getting Through?

I'm not talking about whether it arrives in someone's mailbox. I'm talking about the contents of the message you are sending. Does the recipient know why you sent it? What they are supposed to do...