Small business advice for communicating in the 21st Century

I’m all for employing technology to make our jobs easier. But someone needs to create some ground rules. I’ll start and please feel free to add your pet peeves (that’s for you Kim) about how all small business startups and their friends and families should communicate in the 21st Century.

I got this idea because I have friends that receive a text message from their boss every week reminding them to turn in a weekly report. I don’t have a problem with that, except he uses some service that sends the message at 1 in the morning—waking up their spouses and generally making everyone think he’s a jerk. He also sends a mass text message every Friday at 5 saying “have a great weekend”. Since the message arrives every Friday at exactly 5, it doesn’t exactly come across as sincere. I’m sure he thinks he is communicating effectively, but I am pretty sure the message his employees are getting is not the one he’s sending.

So here are my first two rules. I can’t wait to read yours.

1: Do not forward a forward of a forward, ever. CUT AND PASTE, PEOPLE, CUT AND PASTE!!

2: Mass text messages should only be sent if the information is useful (or extremely amusing)and they should not be sent after 8pm unless it is an emergency.

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