Pitch presentation

9 Ways to Win Your Next Pitch Presentation [Infographic]

Considering what a rare commodity human attention is these days, it’s become more critical than ever for entrepreneurs to make an impact while giving a pitch presentation to prospective clients, investors and partners.

Interestingly, when it comes to the all-important pitching process, 78 percent of clients admit they’re most influenced by the business that proves how knowledgeable it is.

That means when it comes to the planning and execution of a killer pitch, knowledge truly is power for most businesses looking to succeed.

They key lies in understanding what clients really want and understanding where the gaps are. While 96 percent of businesses believe that a good presentation is enough to influence a client’s decision, it’s not that simple for clients, who say they factor in things like content, how the brief is interpreted, what the commercial numbers are and how the presentation is delivered.

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To find out more, Park Communications collated some research to discover the 9 ingredients for a successful pitch.

Win your next pitch presentation

Pitch presentation

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