Daily Rituals to Boost Performance at Work

Getting the most out of your work hours and consistently bringing your A-game to your tasks is a challenge every entrepreneur worries about. Some days you can be in the zone and racing through to-do lists, while others you can be distracted, drifting through the day and achieving very little by the end of it.

Performing at consistently high levels is especially important for self-starters, as your success mostly relies on your own energy and drive. Thus, it’s good to know that research has proven that having pre-performance rituals can help greatly when gearing up for tasks ahead. This helpful list of tips will help get you in the right frame of mind before taking on the daily grind.

The tips presented in the infographic below can be used at different times of the day and to prepare for different activities. 

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If stress or anxiety threaten to derail your productivity, then counting breaths can be an effective tool to get your mind back on track. Simply sit upright, close your eyes, focus on inhaling and exhaling and count to 10 repeatedly. Mindfulness exercises such as this have been shown to have positive effects on your work performance.

It can also help to set yourself designated breaks after certain periods of work, such as five minutes in every half an hour. This will keep your mind fresh and avoid grinding it into a state of frustration where the longer you spend at something the less you seem to get done.

Having certain rituals and activities can keep your mind on track and ensure consistent productivity. Try out the ones from this list to discover what works best for you in different situations.

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