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How Your Business Can Save Money with GPS Tracking Software

While GPS software for a business like fleet tracking isn’t necessarily a new technology, advanced systems and features have been created that can truly help trucking businesses save money and increase efficiencies. Learn how these devices can make a difference when it comes to your business, and see if investing in advanced GPS tracking software is right for your company.

How Does It Work?

While traditional GPS systems are used to give directions and monitor locations, advanced GPS systems for fleet tracking take GPS systems and utilize them to offer a wide variety of useful information to business owners and fleet managers. Information that these tools gather include speed, routes and idling times. If utilized properly, these tools can easily maximize productivity and performance, while ultimately helping companies save money.

Reduced Fuel Costs

One of the largest expenses for any company that employs fleet vehicles is fuel. While it would be wonderful to replace your current fleet with one that was completely electric, this would be extremely expensive.
Fuel costs are something that all fleets are going to have to deal with, and while they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, they can be reduced. Fuel cards that are integrated with fleet tracking software track driver behaviors that increase fuel consumption. You will also have the ability to look at fuel consumption on a single vehicle basis, to determine what vehicles and drivers use the most fuel.

Security and Safety

If a vehicle from your fleet is in an accident, this could become extremely expensive. By utilizing fleet tracking software and taking advantage of its capabilities, you can track vehicle speeds, unauthorized use, recover stolen vehicles and quickly respond to emergencies in order to make your fleet more safe and secure.

Truck Maintenance Improvements

Vehicles need the proper care and maintenance to perform. GPS tracking devices can alert companies when a vehicle needs upkeep. Proactively managing a proper maintenance schedule for trucks decreases the chance that vehicles will malfunction and reduces the need for costly repairs.
Parts and labor are not the only costs you incur when a vehicle must be repaired. When a vehicle is removed from your fleet because of repairs, it leaves your fleet shorthanded. When vehicles are missing from your fleet, its efficiency decreases along with productivity, which costs you money.

Labor Efficiency

Not only does fleet tracking give you the ability to see exactly what is happening with your vehicles, but it also gives your further insight as to what your employees are doing. Being able to see the actual hours a vehicle is operating, start and end times, average weekly and daily hours and other information tracked by fleet tracking software, you will be able to make more informed decisions about hiring and eliminate time sheet fraud.

Improved Routing Management

While scenic routes are relaxing during road trips, they can cost a trucking company a lot of money if taken during the work day. Drivers are expected to take the most efficient routes, which can oftentimes be easier said than done. Changing weather conditions, road blocks and construction can all decrease truck efficiency. GPS truck tracking allows companies to know the exact location of each truck. It also alerts drivers and fleet managers of potential delays, road issues and unfavorable weather conditions that could hinder a driver’s progress. By having real-time information at their fingertips, companies can more accurately plan routes and dispatch trucks accordingly.

Decrease Business Idle Times

When it comes to fleet management, every minute that your trucks waste essentially costs you money. Idle time accounts for a large amount of wasted fuel. Ford Motor Company found that one hour of idle time is equal to 25 miles of driving. Fuel cost is also one of the many variables that constantly changes in the driving industry. Trucking companies are in a unique position when it comes to fuel costs because they must always pay top dollar for fuel. While companies can’t lower gas prices, they can utilize fleet tracking to increase fuel efficiency and identify areas where they can improve. Advanced GPS devices notify companies within seconds when a truck has been idle, allowing fleet managers to address these issues as soon as they happen.
What other technology devices has your business found useful? Share your tips and insights!

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