Does integrity ever NOT matter when hiring (good) employees?

If we’re honest with ourselves, I think the answer to that question has to be …

Apparently – all the time!

Lila Cherri was on StartupNation Radio this weekend. She is also highlighted in a key move article on with the article title of “Building a Business With Integrity”. Here’s a quote from that article:

That’s why she tries to discern in the hiring process whether integrity is as important to the candidate as it is to her. “You can tell whether a person is living for themselves or for a purpose,” she says. “So we can usually tell that someone will have an attitude of gratitude and service. And if they don’t fit that bill, they’re not going to last here, because their level of commitment isn’t a match with the organization.”

Here’s what I think.

I think every single entrepreneur and small business owner you ask will say that they agree with Lila. And very few of them actually put it into practice.

Where’s the disconnect here? What happens that makes people (it happens in big business too, it’s just that a single hire is not as critical as in a small business) get all fogged up when making hiring decisions?

We KNOW what the right move is, and we just don’t do it very often.

Lila Cherri is doing it right, but she’s in rare company.

Am I right?

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