Kevin Harmon

Kevin Harmon is the CEO of Red Shorts Media LLC, which owns movie and music trade-in/buyback websites. He is the former CEO of Inflatable Madness, LLC, one of the largest DVD and CD resellers on eBay and Amazon.

Kevin has appeared on Startup Nation Radio multiple times, has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, has been a featured speaker at eBay Live, and has appeared on Fox Business Channel.

Hi gang,

I’m seeing a lot of chatter out there that eBay is announcing some moderate to “what the hell?” changes pretty soon.   In the last several years,  eBay will announce something heavy sometime in the 3rd quarter to give all the sellers a chance to react to them before Christmas.

There’s lots of speculation out there about what the changes may be, and I’m not going to add fuel to the fire until I see them for myself.

At the very least,  I would expect that eBay’s march to become “unrecognizable a year from now” will probably continue.

Stay Frosty