Entrepreneurs are constantly project managing

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Let’s stay with my movie theme for blogging this week. I was having a strategy conversation with one of my StartupNation teammates, Chuck, this afternoon and I promptly (maybe a little too easily) shifted over to a war movie analogy. It turns out that Chuck is a huge fan of the movie “Patton” as well so we had a good time volleying movie lines from George C. Scott back & forth. (Remember, “Nobody ever won a war by dying for his country …”?)

But my point is that just as in a war, to be successful as an entrepreneur you must know – I mean REALLY know – your strengths, your capabilities, and the resources at your disposal to go into daily battle in the marketplace. Patton was upset because he didn’t have enough ammunition at one point in the movie. He was forced to wait to attack until the supply chain caught up with him.

As entrepreneurs we face this challenge daily. We’re small & have limits on our available resources. How should we best utilize those resources? How can we manage those resources in a creative manner to receive the greatest positive impact? You have got to pick your spots.

The StartupNation community is talking about this issue right now as well. Here’s a link to a forum discussion about project management skills in startups. Maybe you have something to say or learn about this topic.

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