Even a home based business needs a team

I was watching the Detroit Pistons defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 7th & final game of their NBA 2nd round series Sunday afternoon and I started thinking of entrepreneurship. (This is not unusual, as I think about entrepreneurs, the businesses they start & the lives they lead all day long)

Here’s a bit of the stream of my consciousness – bear with me a bit:

• LeBron James is the best individual basketball player on the court.
• His team, the Cavs, lost.
• Even an individual star needs the support of a team to be successful.
• The Pistons, winners in this game, have star players but not a superstar.
• Small businesses need to rely on a team to compete.
• Even home based businesses need a support team.
• 1 or 2 person small businesses often fail because they try to do it alone.
• 1 or 2 person small businesses that gather a support team by outsourcing tend to succeed.
• You gotta get beat a few times to realize that you can’t go it alone.
• The Pistons are gonna whoop up on Shaq & the Miami Heat.

OK, I added that last one just for fun. But the rest of it seems right to me.

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