Hi gang,

Welcome to 2010!

I delayed posting this for 15 days because, statistically speaking, 35% of you have already given up on some or all of your 2010 resolutions. Nice job! Perhaps next year you should resolve not to make resolutions, eh?

New Years resolutions and me have never gotten along very well.   The problem is time – a year is long!  I’m one of those “life is what happens to you when you are busy planning for it” kinda guys. My resolutions tend to be short term.  For example:

Resolution 1:   Duration – 1 day.  Specific day – New Years day.  Goal – watch football for 12 hours straight.  Needed –  1 recliner, brown.  1 father with same goal.  3 adult diapers.  1 plastic hat that holds 4 drinks with a tube to my mouth.  Result – Success!  (Sidebar – bedsores are REAL, people!)

See?  Challenging but attainable.  Feels good when I accomplish it.  My kinda goal.

Of course, my real philosophy is to sit down and map out mid-term goals, then break those goals down to a daily attainable goal, then simply attain the daily goal and the mid-term goals will take care of themselves. That’s how I plan out my work responsibilities and that’s how I plan out my fitness responsibilities. So far, so good!

It has occurred to me that – and I know this is a stretch – you may not wake up ready to tackle the world every day.  I get it.  Some days, taking your morning shower will be the best thing you do all day, and that’s pretty sad if you shower at 7 am.

The great thing about selling movies for a living is that I have seen a lot of movies! Well, movie covers anyway.  But I do have a healthy knowledge of what movies can fire me up, and I thought I’d give you a little shot in the arm in the event you find yourself staring at the Cheerios instead of eating them. Here we go:


The Karate Kid final fight scene.  Say it with me:  “Wax on! Wax off! Paint the fence!”

Next up:


The final match from Vision Quest, followed by the greatest “oh-my-God-I’ve-got-to-go-do-something-right-now!” song,  Journeys “Only the Young

Of course, who can forget:


Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!  Although – gotcha! – this 1 minute of film tells you what the film was really about.

No worries ladies, I haven’t forgotten you:


The Cutting Edge final skating scene, featuring Moira Kelly and DB “you want me to put my hands where?” Sweeney.  Kinda one of my guilty pleasures movies.

Finally, for my REALLY intellectual friends, this’ll get your beakers overflowing:


Ok I cheated here – this isn’t a movie. But it could be!



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Please, please, please tell me your favorite Get Fired Up movie below.  I dare ya!

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