How Efficient is Your Time Tracking Process?

Time and attendance can be an issue for many businesses. No matter the size of the company, there are always discrepancies to be found in employees’ hours. One way to help streamline your efforts is by implementing a time and attendance system.

Time and attendance options come in all shapes and sizes. They range from simple card swiping systems to biometric reading systems. It all depends on the security level and how many employees you have.

Mobile Option
There are now mobile time clock software solutions for those businesses that have many employees out in the field. BlackBerry has a GPS enabled application called SmartServices Solution Suite. SmartServices Solution Suite allows your employees to record, “the exact number of hours recorded by the system. For employees login and logout as per their work schedule and personal work, only the number of hours put in by employees will be accounted for by the system. “

Since we are all human and make errors, this is a great way for field workers to stay up to date on their hours and streamline the process to your phone.

Smart Cards
Smart cards are also a great way for businesses to keep track of their employees. Smart cards can have other information such as employee expense accounts stored on them. Tensor WinTA Time Management system for example, has actually started manufacturing smart keyfobs.

A hospital that has already implemented these keyfobs says that, “Having an electronic system that, once the rules are put in, will work across all functions is particularly good”.

Although these are just two of many options for time and attendance software and hardware options, keep in mind the options seem to be endless. Many systems can be implemented for very little cost, and some Internet based systems can be started right away.

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