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As entrepreneurs we need to do everything as efficiently as possible. It actually truly makes my day when I discover a tool that makes me more effective.

This afternoon my teammate Chuck Fuller passed along a link to me to update my Firefox web browser with a little diddy that displays the Google PageRank & Alexa web traffic stats in little boxes right in the bottom of the browser.

That rocks!

I’m constantly going to Alexa’s site & pasting in website url’s to see how much traffic the site is getting. Now I only need to glance at the bottom right of my screen.

Chuck, you made my day!! The world can now expect much more production out of Joel Welsh!!

Oh, and that Firefox browser? Chuck made my day about a month ago with that little suggestion. I constantly have several different websites up & active on my desktop. Firefox has each one in a separate tab so I only need one active browser instead of the 5-6 I used to have using Internet Explorer.

So Chuck is my nomination for “Joel’s personal rock star who helped me be more efficient” dude of the day, maybe even of the month.

What about you? Tell us about a tool that you find especially valuable and give a shout out to your “personal rock star who helped you be more efficient” dude or dudette of the day. Then tell them to go to this blog & see their name in lights!!

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