Looking for a web developer

Here at StartupNation we’re always in the mode of helping you, now we’re looking for you to help us. Our community has been loving what we’re doing with this website, our nationally syndicated radio show, online seminars, podcasting, etc. and you all have been clamoring for more, more, more! Ok, we’ve got plans to give lots more and need to add a web developer to our team to help make it happen asap.

If you’re a web developer and live in southeast Michigan, come join the team here at StartupNation. Every single person on the StartupNation team plays an important & critical role in our success. That’s the way it is in a small business. You can find the details on the position here – and all of that is very important. But the most important thing to consider is … do you love an extremely high energetic environment where every single person is counted on every single day??

Check it out or send this message to a friend. We’re doing really great stuff here at StartupNation and someone is gonna be invited to come along for the ride. Is it you?

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