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I had a home based business for over 12 years and there are many essential tools for success. But one that is overlooked is your music strategy. Music can inspire you when you need inspiration, calm you down when you need to take a deep breath & count to ten, transition you in & out of your work day, fire you up in-between phone calls.

When you work from home you especially need this music teammate because you are often more isolated than people who work in an office around other people. For me, it started with a radio and then a cassette player & then a CD boom box.

I’ve just discovered the next generation of my music system strategy. It’s Yahoo! Music Unlimited. It Rocks! (literally) I opted for the $6.99 monthly subscription & I can listen to a million (seriously) songs. With your essential-for-a-home-business broadband internet connection, you can hear whatever you want within seconds. Just search for it & play it!

So Rock On with your home business!!

By the way, as I wrote this blog I’ve been listening LOUDLY in my headphones to my blog inspiration music. Today it was Joan Jett & Sara Evans …

“She left the suds in the bucket & the clothes hangin’ out on the line …

You cain’t fence time, & you cain’t stop love!”

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