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The largest clothing tradeshow in the U.S. starts officially on Monday August 25 with Sourcing at MAGIC opening Sunday August 24 and I am thrilled to be going!!  MAGIC is the preeminent trade event in the international fashion industry where buyers and sellers of men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel, footwear, accessories and sourcing resources come together.   It is a fantastic business opportunity for vendors to showcase their product, the networking potential is unlimited and the educational seminars are invaluable.  This is the first time I am attending the show so I will be able to give a full report upon return. 

There are a few different ways to attend MAGIC.  You can register as a buyer, exhibitor, or a nonexhibiting attendee.  The cost is minimal compared to the experience of attending the show.  Some of the benefits include seeing how other brands represent themselves and where your company fits in, taking note of how the buyers and vendors interact and what questions are being asked before you have to answer them yourself and attending the many different educational seminars that you won’t necessarily experience when exhibiting.  Seminar topics include sourcing, trend and color forecasting, trade laws, new textile innovations, supply chain information and branding amongst others.  There is also a sourcing segment to the MAGIC show where fabric suppliers and manufacturers will be represented.  I have heard that sourcing at MAGIC can be a challenge for a small company but you never know.  MAGIC is basically the forum for industry professionals to present themselves, their services and form new partnerships. 

 There are quite a few other shows being held in conjunction with MAGIC.  Project, where premium and contemporary labels exhibit, Pool which was designed for the boutique market and better retailers of women’s and mens contemporary and young contemporary labels, WWIN (Women’s Wear In Nevada) and ASAP (Apparel Sourcing Association Pavillion).  The best strategy is to research each show and determine what is best for your particular needs.  There are postings on fashion industry blogs in which attendees give their opinion of the various shows they have attended which are useful.

I’ll be sure to take good notes so I can share my experiences!!


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