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3 Online Hiring Platforms for E-Commerce Startups

You can set up an e-commerce store in just a few hours, thanks to all of the technology in our world today, but building and sustaining a successful e-commerce store takes careful time and planning.

Launching an online store can be a daunting task. Entrepreneurs are often short on time, budget and staff, frequently looking for creative ways to expand within each. Hiring help can be challenging due to the high wage requirements of full-time employees, the high cost of benefits and the fact that good people can be hard to find locally.

Luckily, online hiring platforms make it easier for small business owners to hire remote workers from all over the world for their startup needs. Here are how three of the top online hiring platforms can make your life easier and your startup more successful.

  1. FreeeUp

FreeeUp is one of the newest online hiring platforms that specifically recruits and interviews e-commerce specialists. When it comes to your business needs, FreeeUp can become your one stop shop for hiring.

The site is growing quickly and it is generating great reviews because remote workers are thoroughly vetted to ensure they have the best talent for you to choose from. On their site, they boast that they recruit, interview and keep only the top 1 percent of e-commerce workers.

You will be able to choose the level of knowledge and proficiency that you need for each specific job or project by submitting a “Worker Request” ticket in your FreeeUp account. As a customer, you gain unlimited access to FreeeUp’s network of remote workers and can request different or additional freelancers in as little as 30 seconds as often as needed. Once your ticket has been submitted, the FreeeUp internal team finds the best match in their network and introduces you to make sure it is a perfect fit.

Even though FreeeUp is relatively new in comparison to some other online hiring platforms, the company is growing quickly due to the simplicity of the site, superior customer service and skill level of workers available.

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  1. TopTal

TopTal is an elite network of some of the most capable freelance software developers, designers and finance experts around. Similar to the FreeeUp platform, Toptal pre-vets its talent and only allows the top 3 percent of experts into its network. If your e-commerce startup has any software developing or designing needs, Toptal will give you a front row seat to top talent.

Engineers built the company, and they continue to be highly restrictive on the workers they choose to hire. Toptal handles everything and finds you the perfect remote worker based on the skills you need. They personally guarantee that you will be pleased with the quality of work, and they back it up with a risk-free trial period for any and all workers you choose to hire.

As a startup business owner without technical expertise, Toptal is a perfect place to start searching for a technical co-founder, should you need one. Even if you are the techy startup founder, you will find resolve in Toptal by eliminating the time it would take you to recruit, interview and hire the best candidates.

  1. Upwork

UpWork is the largest online hiring platform available to help you with your e-commerce startup needs. The selection of remote workers is vast, and you will be able to find a quality freelance worker who specializes in anything you could ever dream of.

Upwork provides the level of service and proficiency that fits your budget and requirements. The site has numerous service options, including having premium talent handpicked specifically for you. Upwork even offers an enterprise level where your startup can choose an end-to-end freelancer management system.

Upwork has over 9 million freelancers competing for your business, so you will likely be able to find a worker within your budget. It is up to you to recruit, interview and hire the most reliable one. Upwork is unique in that you will be able to use the platform to perform everything involved in your project including posting the job, hiring your chosen worker, collaborating with your new freelancer and paying directly for the project completed.

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Take advantage of online hiring platforms

If you have dreamed of opening your own e-commerce store, but have been holding back because you thought you could never afford to hire help, that is no longer the case. The same goes if you have started an e-commerce business and are in the process of getting it off the ground.

Whether you need help with a one-time job or ongoing assistance for the foreseeable future, hiring a remote worker through one of these online hiring platforms is a surefire way to create a successful e-commerce startup with your budget in mind.

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