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Each day I receive at least one political email, a “forward from a friend” … typically someone imposing their political views on a regular email list of friends and family. Today I received a pull down from a Wall Street Journal article , A Liberal Supermajority, Get ready for ‘change’ we haven’t seen since 1965, or 1933.

I’m not usually the person who forwards emails. If I do find something particularly profound, funny or, otherwise, interesting, I might send it to a few people. But I’m always careful to remove the “FW:, FW:, FW:, FW:” from the Subject line as well as all of the email lists and signatures in the body of the email. I hate scrolling through pages of other people’s email addresses and am sure my recipients do, too. (note to those who send countless forwards)

Back to politics. The International Franchise Association, a Washington, DC based non-profit who represents franchising throughout the US, recently submitted questions to both political candidates asking about their position on certain issues affecting small businesses. Below I’ll copy a few of the questions from Franchising World magazine article (and you can read the article in its entirety here – Shaping the Nation: Presidential Candidates Present Their Visions):

In thinking about some of the issues facing your business, how do you think you and your business could be affected in the next four or eight years?

Q: Small businesses provide significant jobs and contribute greatly to our economy.  As president, how will you ensure that small businesses, especially franchised businesses continue to thrive?

Q: IFA members cite health insurance reform as a major legislative priority. The increasing cost of health care is making employer-sponsored health coverage harder for small franchised businesses to provide for their employees and harder for working families to afford.  What is your view on health-care reform, or more specifically small-business health plans for franchise business systems?

Continue here for the rest of the piece – Shaping the Nation: Presidential Candidates Present Their Visions

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