Small Business Loans

Small Business Loans: How to Simplify [Video: Part 1 of 2]

My name is David Haber and I am the cofounder and CEO of Bond Street, a startup that aims to make access to capital for small business owners more simple, transparent and fair. We are excited to collaborate with StartupNation to bring you this video series on small business loans.

We created this class because we wanted to simplify the complex world of finance into something more human, and demystify the fundraising process for entrepreneurs everywhere. Most of the business owners that we work with at Bond Street are extremely passionate about their product, service or craft, but are not finance people. The following video series is meant to help this community think through growth opportunities, and to better understand different financing options that might be available. We will release this series in two parts at, and hope you follow along!

In the first part of this series, you will learn:

  • What to use a small business loan for
  • Do you need a small business loan?
  • What is the difference between debt and equity financing
  • What is a term loan?

You will be provided with the tools to model out ROI on your business loan, and make an educated decision on whether taking outside financing is the right move. I will break down the differences between debt and equity financing, and explain the details of a term loan. Once we cover these basics, the second installment will discuss the process of preparing and applying for a business loan, as well as walk you through how to understand your offer.

Small business loans video series part 1

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