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Is Your Business Scalable? Why the Answer Matters to Potential Investors

Financing a small business initiative by offering investors a percentage of ownership equity in your business is called equity financing. When angel investors or an equity firm invest in a company, they don’t do it for a loan payment. They do it for a percentage of ownership, or equity. And, instead of periodic payments, the...
investor ready
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What You Must Know Before Raising Investment for Your Business

The following is excerpted from “Investor Ready,” courtesy of Julie Barber, CEO of Spark! Consulting Before you dive into planning your investment approach, there are some important things to think about. StartupNation exclusive discounts and savings on Dell products and accessories: Learn more here Do you really need investment? You may well reply, “Of...
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Essentials You Need to Know About Partnerships and Equity

It’s nearly impossible to build a profitable company completely on your own, simply because it’s impossible to have all the skills and resources necessary for a successful business. Although you may start out on your own, at some point you’ll want to utilize talent and skill sets beyond what you personally possess. As a startup...
venture capital
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Venture Capital vs. Angel Investments: What’s Best For My Business?

For those new to entrepreneurship, it’s not uncommon to get venture capital and angel investments mixed up when considering funding options for your business. The reality, of course, is that these two types of investors do not finance businesses in the same way. Each investor offers businesses different amounts of capital, and even the kinds...
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5 Ways to Fund Your Startup Without Giving Up Equity

The press tends to glamorize equity investments, and as a result, venture capital investments get plenty of press coverage. Startup founders are often hailed as heroes when they secure a round of funding. The reality behind the scenes is more complex. By selling a piece of your company, you surrender some control (and future gains)...
shark tank
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How to Pitch a Shark: Everything You Need to Know

If you have an idea for a business, or if you already have a company of your own, then you probably love the show “Shark Tank.” It’s reality TV, sure, but it’s not like a lot of the other junk that’s out there. The people who go on “Shark Tank” are real entrepreneurs with real...
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4 Options for Funding Your Startup Without Losing Your Sanity

Most startup founders know that a great idea alone is worth nothing. Executing a great idea (and making it better) is the real job of an entrepreneur. It isn’t always pretty, as building a business takes long hours, late nights, elbow grease, and, of course, capital. Obtaining the cash flow needed to start and grow...
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Equity Basics: How Vesting Provides Upside Potential for Team Members and Downside Protection for Your Startup

People make and break businesses. Adding a chief technology officer who turns a founder’s vision into a real product turns a great idea into a functioning business. Hiring a director of sales who secures key client relationships makes a business profitable. Harder to anticipate, however, are the people who might break a business. The star...
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3 Things Entrepreneurs Must Do to Increase Their Startup’s Chance of Survival

Entrepreneurship is often idealized — you can “be your own boss,” attain “financial freedom” and work a “four hour workweek” — right? Well, yes, those things are possible, especially in the long run. At least in the beginning, startup founders often enjoy an incredible amount of control over their day-to-day. And yes, entrepreneurship can lead...
seed money
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What is Seed Money and How Can Entrepreneurs Get It?

There are various options available to entrepreneurs when it comes to funding, ranging from grants to crowdfunding. Another option is seed money. But what does this term mean? Where can entrepreneurs seek out this kind of funding? And what should entrepreneurs know about the current seed capital landscape? What is seed money? Also referred to...
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How to Use Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Brand

If you’re hoping to grow your startup's brand either through increased sales or greater brand awareness, influencer marketing can be a great resource. Unlike traditional ad campaigns, influencers can provide a measure of authenticity that will make their audience — and your target demographic — more likely to check out your brand for themselves. But...
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What to Consider When Choosing an Accelerator for Your Startup

If you’re a startup founder, everyone is likely telling you how much your business would benefit if you participate in an accelerator. In startup communities, stories about businesses that skyrocketed to success after getting involved with the right accelerator are traded more frequently than potty training tips between parents waiting to pick their kids up...
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4 Realities of Bootstrapping a Business From Nothing

I started my business back in 2010 with absolutely no money. The first month I decided to try freelancing I made $5. Granted, back then, freelancing was still seen as something you did when you couldn’t find a job and blogging wasn’t really a trend yet. Regardless, I started a business from nothing and have...
Small Business Loans
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Small Business Loans: How to Simplify [Video: Part 1 of 2]

My name is David Haber and I am the cofounder and CEO of Bond Street, a startup that aims to make access to capital for small business owners more simple, transparent and fair. We are excited to collaborate with StartupNation to bring you this video series on small business loans. We created this class because we wanted...