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I’m going to Italy in September with my wife. I don’t speak Italian. If I want to be able to get along in Italy by speaking the native language I have two choices. I can learn it on my own or I can learn from experts.

My friend Tom and his wife are taking Italian language classes at the Italian Cultural Center on Wednesday nights. They’re going to Italy for the third time in October. They’ve been there before and they feel it’s worthwhile to get coaching on how better to speak Italian for this upcoming trip.

I could try to learn the language on my own. I’ve already subscribed to two podcasts to learn Italian through my ipod. I subscribed two weeks ago & haven’t listened to them yet. That’s the thing about trying to do it all on your own – you might not have the proper motivation and dedication to make it happen.

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I wonder if the Italian Cultural Center serves pasta with the language classes.

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