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How to Support Startup Employee Wellness from Day 1

When startups put the wellness of their employees at the forefront of their business, they obtain fascinating results. Employees’ work ethics are unmatched when they feel valued, prioritized and supported. Their productivity skyrockets compared to employees who feel taken advantage of or neglected.

There are numerous ways that startup leaders can thoughtfully encourage their employees’ wellness from the time they begin working for them. From wellness programs to company culture, it is the startup leader’s responsibility to create innovative programs that can meet the needs of its employees.

5 Ways to Revamp Your Company’s Culture

Assign mentorship

Mentors are an integral part of remote and startup businesses. Working remotely can be isolating. Mentorship provides stability and innovation that can be vital to a new employee’s success.

Mentors are essential to startups because they already have the experience entrepreneurs need. Valuable connections and strong relationships help pave the way for startup founders and offer different perspectives as well.

There can be a challenging adjustment period in the beginning stages of a new job, especially if it’s a new career. Assign a mentor to your new employees who can show them the ropes before, during and after training. This mentor can be assigned to multiple employees to cater to their progression and wellness within the company. Having a mentor will help new employees gain a sense of direction and purpose.

Explore insurance policies

Insurance is a must-have for almost every business and its employees. With everyone on their tiptoes from the pandemic, health insurance should be offered to every startup employee. There are ways to save money while offering group insurance plans. High deductibles can lower the premiums for employers while they get their footing. They can be decreased when the company becomes more financially stable.

More minor claims can be self-insured to save more capital. Life insurance should also be an option. Levels of coverage can start out small since the company is in its infancy and grow more later on. The remainder of insurance and health benefits can wait until the startup has progressed past its development phase.

Benefit programs require funds that can be sparse in the beginning stages of a startup. Modest benefit packages are best as a jumping-off point and can be built on from there.

Focus on financial wellness

Financial wellness programs are available for you to offer your employees. Financial stress afflicts about 62% of American citizens. Personal finance issues can cause an inability to focus on their work, tardiness, increased stress levels and more. By offering financial wellness services, you are providing your employees with the opportunity to change their spending habits and lead a more enriched and fulfilling life.

Around 80% of personal finance management comes down to modifying the behavior of the spender. So, spending habits and personality have much to do with most employees’ financial situations.

Financial wellness can also promote good mental health since it can reduce stress and improve performance. You can provide numerous services to your employees, including those from SmartDollar, GreenPath Financial Wellness and Prudential Pathways, among many others.

Offer a stipend

Stipends are an excellent alternative to health care options, especially if you are on a startup budget. Stipends are also a great way to encourage remote workers who don’t get the perks of being in the office. Stipends can help them feel included, or at least not entirely left out of wellness programs the company may offer.

Stipends can be used for various things such as health care, ongoing learning, paid holidays and remote setups. The stipend is used as an incentive to make employees feel appreciated, so they produce their best work. Help your employees take care of themselves.

More Money Isn’t the Only Thing That Will Attract Quality Employees

Offer mental health days

The mental health of the people you choose to work for your business should be at the forefront of your startup. Trust that your employees won’t abuse the system, and offer mental health days without judgment or skepticism.

Your employees should feel allowed and encouraged to take days off to refresh when their minds feel overloaded. Offering Summer Fridays or half-days off at the end of the week reduces the risk of burnout and boosts morale in the office. Consider scheduling them into your business plan if you don’t want to offer mental health days.

Many companies are beginning to incorporate a four-day workweek into their company culture. Trials to measure the impact of four-day work weeks are being conducted now. Employees work 80% of their usual workweek in exchange for giving 100% of themselves while they’re on the clock.

Studies will most likely show, as they have before, that four-day workweeks boost productivity and improve employee wellness across the board. The traditional Monday-through-Friday schedule is no longer standard.

Build company culture

Provide a stellar company culture for the employees in your startup. By introducing positivity and encouragement, employees will be attracted to your company and what it has to offer. Knowing that your business has core values will make people want to work for you.

Working for a company that has a culture that is steadfast in a belief system that supports you is worth more than words can express to some employees. Support your employees and ensure they know you are on their side and have their back.

Host a workshop

A workshop or retreat is an excellent way to get remote employees together. This can build camaraderie and help employees connect. Employees will likely feel less like they are alone when they return to their remote position if you provide them with a chance to meet their team members. Often, remote workers feel like they have no one to reach out to with questions or concerns.

Sometimes some questions don’t warrant a company email to a manager, but it would be so helpful to be able to ask a colleague. Retreats would allow employees to make friends and connections that would ultimately benefit your company and boost productivity all the way around.

Make your startup inclusive and supportive

No matter what initiatives you take for the health and wellness of your employees, ensure there is something for everyone. Not every employee will take advantage of the programs or services you offer. However, there should be something available that every employee can benefit from.

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