Tax filing day is here – rejoice all ye small business owners!

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I don’t know, maybe it’s because of the relief that comes over me once it’s all done. Maybe it’s because I’ve persevered & survived yet another tax season. But I’ve always felt like rejoicing once April 15 has come & gone – and this year April 15 is actually April 17.

For an entrepreneur, filing your business taxes is a big deal and should be celebrated as such. If you follow the StartupNation advice, you will “go with the pros” and have a professional tax specialist handle the tax filing for you. But there is still a good deal of effort and just plain old-fashioned hard work that goes into getting your books in order for the pro to take over & work their magic.

So, “Yee-Haw!!” & “Way to go!!” & “Ohhhh that feels good!!” & “Phewww, got ‘er done just in time!!”.

Ok, enough of that rejoicing stuff. Now get back to building your business. Your customers need your attention!

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