Ups and Downs in Business

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The downdraft in the stock market. Bad winter weather across the Northeast. Good Friday. Spring Break.

What do they have in common?

For PFL, all of the above seem to reduce order flow in our e-commerce business. We primarily serve small businesses with 1-100 employees. People running or working in small companies tend to wear many hats, from HR director to chief salesperson to marketing director. So, like consumers, they are impacted by everything from world events to their kids’ school schedules. And when faced with the choice between a spring break family vacation or staying in the office to design and order new marketing materials, the family usually wins — as it should.

Is this phenomenon unique to e-commerce companies, or does your business also move with external events?

If the latter is true, it’s a good idea to have some cash set aside for the slow times that may come unexpectedly.

Andrew Field is President of, known by its thousands of happy customers as "America’s Print Shop." He works and lives along the Yellowstone River in southwest Montana.

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