Effectiveness: You Gotta Know When You’re Throwin’ Grapefruits

Passion is one of the signature traits of a successful entrepreneur, no doubt about it. (or as my father used to enjoy saying … “no boubt adout it!”) It’s the passion for what you’re doing that keeps you “up” and energetic and “going after it” consistently day after day.

Pushing yourself to the edge as a small business is very often where you find yourself performing at your peak. You can take yourself to places you never knew you could reach. It’s a serious “high” and sets you up for success.

But there will be times when you’re past your effectiveness. You’ve pushed yourself too far and you need some relief. You’re throwing grapefruits. OK, now it’s time for the dreaded Joel movie analogy …

In the move “A League of Their Own” Tom Hanks, the baseball manager, visits the mound with Geena Davis, the catcher, because Geena’s little sister, the pitcher, is getting hit pretty hard by the opposing batters. Here’s the dialogue …
Hanks, “What do you think?”

Davis (sheepishly looking at the ground & pushing the dirt with her toe), “Well … you know … she’s battling.

Hanks, “What do you THINK??

Davis, “She’s done. She’s throwin’ grapefruits.”

Hanks brought in a relief pitcher and the game was saved.

As an entrepreneur you may not have a reliever to bring in, but you still need to give yourself some relief when you find that you’re throwin’ grapefruits. A little R&R will ensure effectiveness and that you come back strong the next game … er, day.

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