StartupNation Radio: Entrepreneurs Share How to Make it Big on Amazon

On today’s Amazon-themed episode of StartupNation Radio, Jeff is joined by co-host Matt Damman. Together, they talk with Derek Gaskins of Aleva Stores and Retail Bloom and Michelle Covey of GS1 US.

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Tune in to the full StartupNation Radio show with Damman, Gaskins and Covey to learn more about how to be successful on Amazon:

Gaskins is the president and founder of Aleva Stores, a retailer with a focus in medical supplies that assists brands in finding their way through e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon. He is also the chairman and co-founder of Retail Bloom, a service provider that helps businesses improve sales production in e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon.

During the interview, Gaskins discusses:

  • How he started from eBay
  • How to run your business primarily through Amazon
  • Why you need to approach Amazon with a differentiation in strategy or product
  • How Retail Bloom can help your small business thrive in e-commerce marketplaces
  • How Aleva Stores works

For more information about Aleva Stores, visit the official website, and follow on Facebook and LinkedIn. For more information about Retail Bloom, visit the official website, and follow on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Next is Covey, the vice president of partnerships of GS1 US, an organization that develops business communication standards and gave birth to the barcode.

During the interview, Covey talks about:

  • How barcodes work/are generated
  • The different barcode options for your business
  • Why you shouldn’t turn universal product codes (UPCs) on until they go to market
  • Amazon’s initiatives on preventing counterfeit UPCs
  • Why UPCs are the key to online searching

For more information about GS1 US, visit the official website and follow on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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We’ll be back next weekend with another exciting episode of StartupNation Radio! Stay tuned.

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