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Ask the Experts: Michael Spath, Shay Berman, and Greg Packer on StartupNation Radio

On this week’s episode of StartupNation Radio, Jeff discusses small business funding before speaking with StartupNation’s subject matter experts: Kapnick Insurance Group’s Michael Spath, Digital Resource’s Shay Berman, and AccessPoint’s Greg Packer.

Tune in to the full StartupNation Radio show with Spath, Berman and Packer to learn about small business funding and hear important small business answers from our subject matter experts:

First up is Michael Spath, a client executive for Michigan-based Kapnick Insurance Group, a full-service insurance brokerage. He is StartupNation’s insurance expert.

During the interview, Spath discusses:

  • How to start searching for an insurance agent
  • How to decide what agent is right for you
  • Spath’s background in dealing with small business insurance before working in the field
  • Attributes of a quality insurance agent
  • Building a relationship with your agent

For more information about Kapnick Insurance Group, visit the official website, and follow on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Contact Michael Spath with any of your insurance questions

Next up is Shay Berman, the founder and president of Digital Resource, a digital marketing agency. He is StartupNation’s digital marketing expert.

During the interview, Berman explains:

  • The importance of social media strategy
  • The difference between paid and organic social media marketing
  • Marketing your business through Facebook and Instagram
  • The rise of TikTok and how to add it to your digital marketing strategy
  • Advertising on other platforms, including Pinterest and Clubhouse

For more information about Digital Resource, visit the official website, and follow on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Third is Greg Packer, president of AccessPoint, a business that provides human resource services. Packer is StartupNation’s human resources expert.

During the interview, Packer talks about:

  • The importance of talented employees for business success
  • Finding and attracting the right talent for your company
  • The role of benefits in attracting talented employees
  • The appeal of working remote to prospective hires
  • AccessPoint’s programs tailored specifically to small businesses

For more information about AccessPoint, visit the official website, and follow on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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