Here’s Why Community is the Core of Business Success

On this episode of StartupNation Radio, host Jeff Sloan sits down with Benito Vasquez, a.k.a. Mav-One, executive director and founder of Motor City Street Dance Academy. Later in the show, Jeff chats with Beverly Meek, first VP and Community Reinvestment Activities Director at Flagstar Bank.

First up, Mav-One shares how his passion for hip-hop culture led him to pursue his own business venture. Motor City Street Dance Academy, or MCSDA, is based in southwest Detroit and works to enhance the lives of Detroiters through hip-hop, physical activity and healthy living.

During the show, Mav-One discusses:

  • His business mindset
  • How he developed his business model
  • How he kept overhead costs low when starting up
  • The power of community
  • How MCSDA markets the business
  • Future plans for MCSDA

For more on Motor City Street Dance Academy, visit the official website, or follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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Next up, Jeff chats with Beverly Meek of Flagstar Bank. With extensive background in the financial services industry specifically, Beverly’s background includes experience in corporate philanthropy, mortgage lending and more. Throughout her career, Beverly has built strong community relationships, and she is adept at working with multiple political subdivisions to bring about change.

During the interview, Beverly talks about:

  • Who Flagstar’s community programming benefits
  • How the fund has been instrumental to the city of Pontiac
  • What Flagstar does for local communities
  • How Flagstar is taking part in the revitalization of Detroit
  • The educational programs Flagstar offers to small businesses

To learn more about the program, contact Beverly directly at [email protected] or visit LISC or Invest Detroit online.

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