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Jar Head Salsa and Old Woodward Cellar: Starting Up in Metro Detroit

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On this episode of StartupNation Radio, Jeff interviews Tom Smith, owner of Jar Head Salsa, and Nick Apone, sommelier, owner and operator of Old Woodward Cellar.

First up, Tom Smith shares his family entrepreneurial story. While he started out in the auto industry and spent nearly 40 years with General Motors, it wasn’t until after he retired that he realized his true entrepreneurial dreams.

When his son, David, joined the U.S. Marines as a chef, he concocted his own salsa recipe to improve upon the existing one used in the military base where he was stationed. Once David retired, the two started Jar Head Salsa and a family business was born.

During the interview, Smith discusses:

  • The 4 Ps of marketing
  • The importance of developing a premium product
  • How Jar Head Salsa got its start at local farmers markets
  • Where the Jar Head Salsa business currently stands and where Tom hopes to take it in the future

Jar Head Salsa can be purchased at Nino Salvaggio and Papa Joes stores in metro Detroit, as well as Eastern Market on Saturdays. Listeners outside of the local area can learn more about Jar Head Salsa on Facebook.

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Next up, Jeff chats with Nick Apone, owner and operator of Old Woodward Cellar. Once he received his culinary degree, Apone discovered his unending passion for wine. He learned to cook Italian and French cuisine and knew his path would lead him to specialize solely in wine.

His business, Old Woodward Cellar, does just that, catering to the local community’s wine needs, as Apone says, “from A to Z.”

During the interview, Apone discusses:

  • The importance of customer service
  • Why Old Woodward Cellar does not have an e-commerce component
  • The challenges of local retail
  • How Old Woodward Cellar provides a personalized shopping experience
  • What aspiring entrepreneurs must know to start a Main Street business

For more information, visit Old Woodward Cellar’s official website or Facebook page.

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