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Living the Dream: Pursuing Passion and Entrepreneurship [Radio]

On this episode of StartupNation Radio, your host, Jeff Sloan, is joined by Pappas Financial president and founder, Norm Pappas, in the co-host seat. This week, the two talk to entrepreneurs who are living their dreams by pursuing their passions.

Travis Rice
(Travis Rice, photo courtesy of Royal Arabians)

First up is Travis Rice, who makes a living through his passion of Arabian Horses. Rice’s business includes the buying, selling and breeding of Arabian horses. Rice said he always wanted to set his own schedule and come and go as he pleased, which led him down the path of entrepreneurship.

His drive and ambition, along with a serious passion for Arabian horses, has led Rice to sell horses on every single content (except Antarctica).

During the show, Rice shares the steps he took to make his dream come true, how he turned his idea into a business, the idea of fear of failure, and what drives him to succeed.

He also offers his advice for how aspiring entrepreneurs can turn their own passion into a business.

“Without failure there is no success. You have to have those bumps along the road, too.”

– Travis Rice

Learn more on Royal Arabians’ official website.

Kristi Porter
(Kristi Porter, photo courtesy of Signify)

Next, Jeff and Norm welcome Travis into the co-host chair for a chat with Kristi Porter, founder of Signify.

Another entrepreneur driven by what she does, Kristi provides communications, strategy and writing services to nonprofits, social enterprises, and other for-profit organizations with social or charitable giving.

With a focus on “do good” organizations, Kristi has always tried to give back to her community and the world through her time, influence, expertise and finances. It was natural that Signify would be no different, so when she started her business in 2016, she began helping small nonprofits and for-profits with a social mission get noticed and grow through effective marketing and communications.

During the show, Kristi discusses how she got her start, her proudest moments throughout her first two years of business, how her passion drives her startup, and what makes her services unique.

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“I always say that marketing communications is a skill I have, but the people I work with and the causes I support, that’s where my passion comes in.”

– Kristi Porter

For more on Signify, visit the official website, Facebook and Twitter.

Elisabeth Michel
(Elisabeth Michel, photo courtesy of LinkedIn)

To round out the show, Jeff, Norm and Travis talk with Canopy co-founder, Elisabeth Michel.

Michel shares details about her company’s core product, a web application offered to health systems that helps patients and families talk about and make end-of-life healthcare decisions.

Canopy’s team is comprised of three University of Michigan alum who began working together in 2016 during their time at the university: Elisabeth, along with her co-founders, Ann Duong, and Brandon Keelean.

Canopy recently won the top prize in Ann Arbor Spark’s Entrepreneur Boot Camp, a $25,000 award.

During the show, Elisabeth discusses her team’s story, how they got into end-of-life healthcare decision-making and the accessibility of Canopy’s product.

“What’s next for us is continuing to build our tool and develop traction and really help people have what they need today to better manage the difficulties of tomorrow.”

– Elisabeth Michel

For more on Canopy, visit the official website and Twitter.

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