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R.J. King Talks Detroit: The Engine of America on StartupNation Radio

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On this episode of StartupNation Radio, Jeff sits down with R.J. King, editor of DBusiness magazine, to discuss his new book, “Detroit: The Engine of America,” which tells the story of the birthplace of the automotive industry.

R.J. King

To kick off the show, R.J., a native of Detroit, shares a bit of his background: a business staff writer at the Detroit News for 16 years, R.J. wrote over 4,000 articles for the publication before he launched DBusiness magazine in September of 2006. He then dives right into the power of entrepreneurship as it relates to growing a local community and economy.

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During the show, R.J. discusses:

  • The history of Detroit
  • How entrepreneurship has been an essential part of the city of Detroit since day one
  • The development of the city’s economy
  • Opportunity born in Detroit
  • The diversity of entrepreneurial activity currently going on in Detroit
  • The future of Detroit

“Detroit: The Engine of America” is available for purchase now via Momentum Books. Click here to purchase.

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