Sister Pie

Sister Pie Talks Success in Detroit on Main Street Nation Radio

On this edition of Main Street Nation Radio, join your host Jeff Sloan and co-host Kristi Trevarrow, executive director at Rochester DDA, as they interview Lisa Ludwinski, founder of Sister Pie, to hear how the bakeshop has achieved enormous success in downtown Detroit.

Sister Pie is a bakery serving the Detroit area with seasonally driven pies and cookies. Every pie’s filling is crafted at the peak of Michigan’s growing season, from apricots and blueberries in July to cranberries and apples in November.

Lisa utilized her background in improvisation and theater to continually build her business and create a unique experience for her customers. She doesn’t believe in cutting corners when it comes to quality, and Sister Pie’s open kitchen layout allows her to be transparent with customers.

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With 14 total employees and counting, Lisa believes in the triple bottom line approach, which embraces social, environmental and financial factors. She advocates a living wage for her employees, works with local partners and farms that believe in limiting their carbon footprint, and enjoys contributing to Detroit’s local economy.

Enjoy this edition of Main Street Nation Radio!

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