StartupNation Radio: How and Why Having an App Can Help with Your Small Business Success

On this week’s episode of StartupNation Radio, Jeff talks to Mick Brege and Alex Lanzetta from Studio Cadenza about how apps can be used for small businesses, and also Tim Connor, founder of Alteris, about the company’s experience with building their own app.

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Tune in to the full StartupNation Radio show with Brege, Lanzetta, and Connor to learn more about apps and their potential for your small business:

First up are Mick Brege and Alex Lanzetta from Studio Cadenza, an app development studio in Birmingham, Michigan.

During the interview, Brege and Lanzetta discuss:

  • Mick’s experience as a UX/UI designer
  • Alex’s experience with quality assurance and development
  • Types of apps that can be developed
  • The process of developing an app
  • How to monetize an app

For more information on Studio Cadenza, visit the official website.

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Next up is Tim Connor, founder of Alteris, a marketing communications company based in Detroit.

During the interview, Connor explains:

  • His experience with starting and growing Alteris as a company
  • How to raise money for building an app
  • Adapting an existing company to new technologies
  • Coming up with an idea for an app
  • How to succeed in the competitive environment of mobile apps

For more information on Alteris, visit the official website, and follow on LinkedIn.

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We’ll be back next weekend with another exciting episode of StartupNation Radio! Stay tuned.

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