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3 Food Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Ingredients for Success on StartupNation Radio

On today’s food-themed episode of StartupNation Radio, Jeff talks to food entrepreneurs Jessica Harold and Patrick Hingst of Kookys N Cream and chef Laura Romito of High 5 Salts with Benefits.

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Tune in to the full StartupNation Radio show with food entrepreneurs Harold, Hingst and Romito here to learn more about how to succeed in the food industry:

First up is Harold and Hingst, the co-founders of Kookys n Cream, a Michigan-based cookie shop in Lapeer known for its cookie blend called “cookie cream.”

During the interview, Harold and Hingst discuss:

  • What Kookys n Cream offers
  • How they “kookify” traditional desserts
  • How they came up with the business idea
  • Why they’re looking toward franchising
  • How TikTok helped them get a surge in orders and how they handled the influx

For more information about Kookys n Cream, visit the official website, and follow on Facebook and Instagram.

Next up is Romito, a chef who founded High 5 Salts with Benefits, an organic seasoning blend.

During the interview, Romito explains:

  • How she turned her concoction she previously used just for herself into a business
  • Why she created the product to avoid working in restaurants forever
  • How she switched from the teaching world to the food industry
  • How she made her business scale

For more information about High 5 Salts with Benefits, visit the official website, and follow on Facebook.

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We’ll be back next weekend with another exciting episode of StartupNation Radio! Stay tuned.

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