WJR Business Beat: Tactics of Top Marketing Executives (Episode 437)

On today’s Business Beat, Jeff talks about the most popular marketing initiatives of top marketing executives as cited in a Pegasystems survey.

Tune in below to learn where social and mobile marketing rank:

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Good morning, Paul! You can have the greatest business idea in the world, but if you don’t create awareness and action on behalf of prospective customers, you’re left with nothing more than a good idea. But to make a great idea, the cornerstone of a great business, you must, of course, focus on marketing that great idea, and a new survey just released by Pegasystems reveals where marketing top executives put emphasis in focus with their marketing initiatives today.

Where do they focus? While the survey doesn’t reveal any new fangled secret sauce, it does serve to underscore the importance for all businesses to focus on the blocking and tackling of marketing strategy and tactics. Now research conducted the survey of marketing executives on behalf of Pegasystems and in part, this is what the survey revealed about where top marketing executives focused today.

Number one, social media marketing now used by 69% of all marketing executives and expected to grow to 76% in the next three to five years; mobile marketing, as we know that’s grown significantly, it gets a focus of 66% of marketing executives these days, then video marketing gets the attention of 61% of top marketing execs followed by influencer marketing, and last but not least SEO, that’s search engine optimization, is now a focus of only 28% of top executives, but expected to grow to 47% in the next three to five years.

Beyond focusing on executing these key marketing areas, it’s critical to track and optimize each of them as you execute them. It can be as simple as using Google Analytics effectively and establishing a conversion funnel so you can understand how each is performing against targets.

Tara DeZao, director of product marketing, MarTech and ad tech for Pegasystems, says the most successful businesses of tomorrow will be those that harness the power of these areas of marketing focus in order to best understand and reach their customers.

There you have it, Paul! I’m Jeff Sloan, founder and CEO of startupnation.com, and that’s today’s Business Beat on the Great Voice of the Great Lakes, WJR.

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