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WJR Business Beat: Hot Regional Startups To Watch In 2022 (Episode 338)

On today’s episode of the Business Beat, Jeff highlights a few companies mentioned by Cronicle Tech News as  hot tech companies to watch in 2022 in the Great Lakes region.

Tune in to the Business Beat, below, for details on three of these promising startups:

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Top Detroit Startups and Tech Companies to Watch in 2022

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How the Midwest Startup and Tech Scene Boomed in 2021

Good morning, Paul! It’s 2022 and already local VCs, angel investors, startup founders, incubators and accelerators, and more are pushing hard to make their startups go. The publication known as Chronicle Tech News covers the growing Great Lakes/Midwest tech scene, and they’ve come out with their list of hot tech companies to watch in 2022 in the Great Lakes region to kick us off this week. We’ve got a few of them to highlight here on the Business Beat. First, an app called ToDoolie. It’s a VC-backed startup whose mission is to connect people looking to hire in-home chore, help from local young people ready to serve. They aim to become the largest such pipeline in the U.S. and they’ve partnered with TechStars, ID Ventures, Bamboo, Wayne State University and others to do just that. And they’re on their way. Really cool app, now with growing coverage across the U.S. No. 2, Guardhat. Now this company raised over $40 million in funding since they launched in 2014. They’ve got revenues tripling year over year. Guardhat manufacturers wearable devices for manufacturing workforces, such as hard hats, but these hard hats are smart. They’re integrated into a smart platform that saves lives, improves response time and tactics and increases productivity. And last but not least, InvestNext launched in 2016, a Detroit-based fintech startup whose mission is to transform the process in which investment firms raise and manage capital. Their software platform enables investment firms to operate more effectively and provide greater transparency to their investors. They’re also venture backed and claim tens of thousands of users now using their platform, representing billions of dollars in investment. So, Paul, tech startups are alive and well in our region. We’ve heard previously from the likes of Ryan Landau and others who cover this space and tell us how the Midwest is now the new Silicon Valley. These companies and others are demonstrating just how, in fact, that is becoming more and more true every day. So there’s a little inspiration for you. Aspiring entrepreneurs out there, ready to start your own tech company right here in the Detroit region. I’m Jeff Sloan, founder and CEO of startupnation.com, and that’s today’s Business Beat on the Great Voice of the Great Lakes, WJR.

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