Cool Company of the day: Dogmatic for dogs

The Westminster Show that aired this week was another glowing example of just how crazy we all are about our dogs…

We’re included in the craze – we have 7 (yes, seven) dogs total in our respective homes.

And one of the most common things people do with their dogs is treat them like … humans. People talk to dogs like they understand English, people sleep with dogs in the bed, people buy them gifts, people feed them Purina dog chow—HOLD IT—what’s not right with this picture?!

Well, Dogmatic Products is changing that part of the picture. With dog food products like Woofy Pop microwave popcorn for dogs, and Nachews (nacho shaped rawhides) in a slew of flavors, clearly humanized food products for dogs have now gone mainstream.

What makes this company cool, aside from an entertaining flashy website, and a certain trendiness, is the creativity and out-of-the-box thinking that has led them to come up with products that humans can relate to as much as dogs do. Fido’s favorites and Fido’s owner’s favorites are now one and the same. This one has success written all over it.

What a Cool Company!!!

By the way, did you click on the link to the Westminster Show? You can see a video of the "Best in Show," Rufus, the Bull Terrier, on that homepage.

Maybe we should get an 8th dog?

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