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This Entrepreneur Shares Key Takeaways from Launching Her Direct-to-Consumer E-Commerce Brand

As a child, I watched my mother’s generation attempt direct-to-consumer business in a, shall we say, clunky fashion. They held Tupperware parties and loaded up the car with Avon deliveries. Before I knew what direct-to-consumer was, I wasn’t interested. However, technology has changed virtually every aspect of business in this day and age—and revolutionized the...
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5 Strategies to Turn Around a Program Launch That Isn’t Working

If you’re a few days into your program launch and you’re disappointed by lack of results, don’t waste your time by wallowing in what you think is failure. Before diving into these five steps, first recognize that no matter the situation, your launch is not a failure. I like to tell my clients that every...
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3 Lessons for Balancing a Side Hustle When Launching a Business

Any founder will tell you that starting a new business while working another job (or two for that matter) is lousy. Figuring out what that side hustle, or main hustle, will be to support launching this new endeavor is going to suck up two things in your life: your time and attention. But it’s important...
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Finding success as an older entrepreneur

3 mistakes that can derail an older entrepreneur Launching a business—whether it's a side hustle or second career—is on the minds of many people these days, especially baby boomers. As they get ready to retire, or are laid off, more and more baby boomers are feeling the entrepreneurial spirit. Research from the Kaufmann Foundation shows...
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Hollywood Makeup Artist Turns To Natural Beauty With Lipstick Angels

Achieving success in Hollywood requires an Angel Renata Helfman, Hollywood makeup artist and founder of the nonprofit Lipstick Angels, grew up as a self-proclaimed “beauty junkie,” without any expectation of turning her hobby into a career. However, a casual walk around a movie set in the late 1990s with her then-boyfriend completely altered her professional...
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Competitors Are Not Your Enemy – Part 1 – Validation

Looking for Validation This is the first article of a three part series that discusses why "Competitors Are Not Your Enemy." Many people think of competitors as the enemy. Not necessarily true. Listed below are three ways that will be discussed and how they can help you beginning with validation. This article helps you to...
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Start your own business to help fund your retirement

Planning for retirement is an important part of our lives. We all know the statistics: we're living longer and have more income needs for retirement years that are extended beyond the previous generation. There are many resources and strategies for how best to accomplish our life goals. A recent Washington Post article shares some statistics...
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Independence Day – start a business

Let Freedom Ring! As Americans we are wired for freedom. Unlike any other country, we were founded on the solid principles that flow from the virtue that freedom brings. When Jeff & Rich Sloan are in front of live audiences throughout the country, they regularly kick off their presentation with a reminder of how special...
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Sexy & new or dull & boring? – New businesses you can start

A Monday musing …. .… while some of my friends are at the Detroit Tigers home opener this afternoon (one of them even sent me a photo of the baseball field in a text message – I hate that guy), I was getting into a Monday start-of-the-week groove while still thinking about the calm &...
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Big business is in trouble, small business opportunity abounds!

Turning lemons into lemonade! Today's news includes an item about big layoffs at a huge company with the message... "How many of the 113,000 workers who are being offered buyouts will accept their deal for tens of thousands of dollars and start their own companies with it?" Even entrepreneur Rush Limbaugh had something to say...
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How do you convince a friend to start a business?

I have a fozzy of a bear of a quandary on my hands. You see, my sister is a truly talented artist. Every year on my birthday, the one gift I look forward to more than any other is her card to me. It's always some adorable, irreverent drawing with a witty phrase, and currently,...
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The absolute number one best business to start

Full service car wash. You see, you probably thought I'd wimp out and not really name one. I mean come on, how can you pick just one business that's the best for everyone. Isn't it conventional wisdom that we all have unique personalities & gifts & styles? But I've decided. There is just no question...
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Starting a business the old fashioned way: one customer at a time

One of the most popular questions we get at StartupNation is about start up business financing: how to raise money to start a small business. We even have an entertaining and instructive exercise on StartupNation Radio called the elevator pitch where an entrepreneur pretends she is in an elevator for a 60 second ride with...
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Cool Company of the day: Dogmatic for dogs

The Westminster Show that aired this week was another glowing example of just how crazy we all are about our dogs... We're included in the craze - we have 7 (yes, seven) dogs total in our respective homes. And one of the most common things people do with their dogs is treat them like ......
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Olympic Champion Struck Gold Starting a Business at Thirteen

When Dale Begg-Smith (who grew up in Canada but raced the moguls for Australia) won the gold medal, they kept referring to him as a millionaire. I heard he started an online company at 13 or 14 and was purportedly worth 40 million dollars today-- at 21!. I wanted to know what kind of business...
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Story of a young entrepreneur: do what you love

I called my Uncle Jim the other day. Actually I have two Uncle Jims. This one is the Penn State Uncle Jim. You know, he's one of those guys that lives & breathes everything that is Penn State. He and my Aunt Sally live in Annapolis but spend all of their weekends at their home...
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Looking for a small business idea? Listen to the wedding bells

I'm getting married! Yes, it's extremely exciting and as a groom to be, I am learning a lot. Oh, I've been a part of weddings before – I'm a two-time best man – and I've been close to family members who have gotten married with full on weddings. But there is nothing like going through...
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Summer of ’05: we will miss you

The leaves on the ground and the Michigan football victory on Saturday aren't the only reminders that fall is upon us - there are also the roving masses of new and returning students here in Ann Arbor, and the almost complete unavailability of as we all pound its servers uploading photos of ourselves from...