How do you convince a friend to start a business?

23 Mar 2006

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I have a fozzy of a bear of a quandary on my hands.

You see, my sister is a truly talented artist. Every year on my birthday, the one gift I look forward to more than any other is her card to me. It’s always some adorable, irreverent drawing with a witty phrase, and currently, the only people who get to see these cards are my family.

We’ve talked with Meredith about starting a greeting cards business, but we’re having a hard time with it. She just graduated from college and is somewhat risk-averse, and can’t see beyond the first hill, so to speak. The idea of starting a business is very daunting. I know she’s excited about it, but also overwhelmed.

But its such a shame that her cards aren’t out there. I know they’d be a hit.

So to all the current entrepreneurs, what would you do to get a friend or younger family member to take the leap?

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