Olympic Champion Struck Gold Starting a Business at Thirteen

When Dale Begg-Smith (who grew up in Canada but raced the moguls for Australia) won the gold medal, they kept referring to him as a millionaire. I heard he started an online company at 13 or 14 and was purportedly worth 40 million dollars today– at 21!. I wanted to know what kind of business he started up.

Smith is not interested in talking about the home-based business he created. Maybe because it is a pop-up advertising tracking service. The official web site is shut down. He apparently sold the company to concentrate on skiing and it appears that was a good idea for him. According to Bloomberg news, the Australian press dubbed him “Spam man.” Not exactly a nickname you would covet!

Still, I’d like to hear the whole story. It would have been about 1997 when he came up with the company. And at thirteen, I can confidently presume he started it in his home with a computer. If it really was his idea and creation at 13 years of age, that’s pretty remarkable!

This should give us all hope. Do you have a great idea? Are you trying to think one up? Here are some guidelines to a finding the perfect idea for a great startup. Norm Brodsky, a guest on StartupNation Radio, created several successful businesses himself and thinks you might be better off starting up with someone else’s idea!

Here’s my joke: It may be all downhill for Dale Begg-Smith now, but once you startup, you can be a mogul too! Okay, I’ll keep my day job.

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