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Startups + Mentors = Entrepreneurial Success

Celebrating Entrepreneurial Success While Mentoring Others Ever stood in what felt like a huge moment for your business and not known what to do next? Ever been plagued by doubt about whether or not a campaign is going to do well? And followed that up with drowning in a whirlpool of fear and self-loathing about...
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Success: When To Stop Whining And Go Get What You Really Want

Success Won’t Come If You’re Deathly Afraid Of It: 6 Deep-Seated Fears You Need To Address Recently, I sent out a survey to my community of 50,000+ subscribers – many of whom are deeply longing to launch themselves and their ventures to the highest level, and make a big impact in the world. I asked...
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Success: A Goal or Unhealthy Obsession?

Entrepreneurs are high-energy people driven by the need to succeed. I have experienced this in myself, my colleagues and the students who attend my entrepreneurship class at USC. Respectfully, the term successful by its very nature is a subjective and personal term. However, in the business world it is usually defined by the amount of...
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The Truth About We-Business

As home business entrepreneurs, it’s a question we always ask ourselves: How will I know when my business is really a success? How do you know you’re through the Dip, as Seth Godin calls it? I’ll tell you how: When your spouse, family, and friends begin to refer to your business in the collective, “We,”...
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An Entrepreneur’s Theory of Relativity: You and “Them”

You gotta love Albert Einstein. Relativity speaking, I'm not sure what he was blessed with more - genius or sense of humor. For example, check out this quote by him: When you sit with a nice girl for two hours you think it's only a minute. But when you sit on a hot stove for...
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Olympic Champion Struck Gold Starting a Business at Thirteen

When Dale Begg-Smith (who grew up in Canada but raced the moguls for Australia) won the gold medal, they kept referring to him as a millionaire. I heard he started an online company at 13 or 14 and was purportedly worth 40 million dollars today-- at 21!. I wanted to know what kind of business...