Franchise Business Review releases 2007 Franchisee Benchmark Report

Have you considered investing in a franchise and just can't decide which one is right for you? As you explore your options, one of the most important factors is evaluating the satisfaction of current franchisees … the small business owners that make it all happen.

Once again, our annual study of franchisee satisfaction has exceeded
all expectations. Without a doubt, this report represents the most
comprehensive study of franchise owner satisfaction ever completed.
We have surveyed thousands of franchisees representing hundreds of
diverse franchise systems across North America. For this industry-wide
report, we have compiled nearly one million survey responses from

franchisees to present to you a clear picture of the current state of
franchisee satisfaction and the overall health of the franchise industry.

Franchisee satisfaction is one of the most important factors every potential
investor should consider before investing in a franchise. There are thousands
of opportunities available today. Some of these are great investments, but
many are simply average or even poor. Existing franchise owners are the key
to understanding the health of any franchise system. If you are considering
buying a franchise, I encourage you to get as much feedback as possible
from current franchisees before making your final decision.

To download the full report, please visit

Jack Burris is Vice President of Franchise Business Review. You can contact me directly through Startup Nation by sending a message to thefranchiseguy.

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