Get a massage and a franchise business opportunity

Oh boy, do I need a massage. Now, truth be told, I always feel like I need a massage. I mean, who doesn’t? Seriously, I’m asking. Do you feel like you need a massage – right now? I’ll just bet that the overwhelming answer to that question is … YES!

I smell a small business opportunity!!

I was in Arizona last week at the Scottsdale 2006 Arabian Horse Show (scroll down to check out the photos of the Sloan Brothers). I was on my feet almost all day for five days, and for those of you who have been reading this blog, you know that I recently had a total hip replacement. Sore? Oh yeah. The hotel that I was staying in did not provide massage service, but I ran into a strip mall location of Massage Envy just a block away. I still didn’t find the time to get an introductory $39 massage (which is why I still need a massage) but I was quite intrigued by two things that I quickly learned when I stopped in.

1) Their business accepts walk-ins but they are actually membership based. Buy a membership and your massages are less expensive.

2) This is a franchise business opportunity.

I live in Michigan and there are no Massage Envy locations yet here, so I wouldn’t take advantage of the membership option as a customer, but the market is wide open to start some franchise locations. We know that the health care industry is a huge market opportunity and personal wellness is high on people’s list of important issues.

Let me ask you another question? Have you ever heard anyone who has had a massage say that they are not really interested in having another one? Me neither.
Start it up!

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