Show Customer Love: Be Eco Positive

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Eco Positive| When companies move from merely neutralizing and offsetting their undesirable eco-effects to actually boosting the environment by going the extra mile.


  • London-based Ecoigo, a ‘green’ car service, aims to be carbon positive, offsetting double the emissions from every trip as well as from energy used by its office.
  • As part of its sustainable growth initiative, FIJI Water will offset its total carbon footprint by 120%. Pity it still involves plastic bottles, of course.
  • The first free green search engine—advertising-funded Ecocho—was launched in 2008 with the intention of planting up to two trees for every 1,000 searches made via its Yahoo-supported search engine, removing a ton of CO2 from the atmosphere. The first trees will be planted in Australia via official government-accredited projects. So far, 6,615 trees have been funded, which will remove 3,307,765 kilos of CO2 from the atmosphere. The service is multi-lingual and will be rolled out globally. Imagine if Google had such a program!
  • US-based Of The Earth sells handmade Flower Seed Paper that produces flowers after being used. The paper sheets can be planted directly into the soil in a pot or in the garden. Also check out Pangea Organics, who actually incorporate seeds into their packaging.

What are some ways you are eco positive?

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