Your Home Based Business: A Franchise?

I have to start by commending all of the businesses that participated
and ranked in StartupNation's inaugural Top 100 Home Based
Businesses. It's a true testament that working from home can be
fun, productive and profitable. Let's take a birds' eye
view at your businesses for a minute. Do any of these traits describe
your business model?

  • My business could be duplicated
  • I have been in business (and in the green) for 2 or 3 years,
    proving this idea can succeed
  • My
    business could thrive with regional or national presence
  • People consider my business fun
  • Other people have expressed an interest in
    becoming involved in my business

If you've answered "YES!" to several of the
above statements, then you might be sitting on the next franchised
business. Of the 350 franchise companies we have evaluated, some of the
happiest franchisees are part of home based businesses.

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As you think about growing your business, don't
forget about the possibility of franchising.

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